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Join me at the Customer Experience Summit 2014 in Princeton/NJ on March 6, 2014

March 2, 2014


Pharma Customer Experience Summit 2014 at The Nassau Inn Hotel, 10 Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ on March 6, 2014

Join me for the SAPA-CT Milestone Celebration Meeting at Yale University on Feb 22

February 21, 2014


“Bridging between US and China in Current Pharmaceutical World – Strategies, Innovation and Implementation” Join me at 11:15am at the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association‘s new Connecticut Chapter (SAPA-CT) Milestone Celebration Meeting held at Yale University (N107 The Anlyan Center, 300 Cedar St, New Haven, CT, 06511), 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Feb 22, 2014.

Join me in Boston for the Corporate Venturing in the Life Sciences conference this week!

November 11, 2013


How to grow innovation elephants in large organizations

October 23, 2013


Driving innovation in large organizations is like herding elephants.  Big and small elephants. – How so? Big Elephants in the Back-Office In large organizations, departments gravitate to sub-optimize their core business.  Silos form under local management to run their department more efficient – following the old mantra: do more with less. (Read more about silos […]

Women in Life-Sciences: Pharma Think Tank at UCSF on Oct. 30, 2013

October 15, 2013


Join me in Boston for the Corporate Venturing in the Life Sciences conference this week!

October 3, 2013


How Intrapreneurs avoid “No!”

September 11, 2013


Say “No!” Books teach us how to say “No!” – they fill up entire shelves in bookstores to help us achieve professional success and personal freedom.  Rejecting requests from others helps us de-clutter our busy day and protect us from time-suckers and commitments we immediately regret. On the other end, we are asked to delegate more to […]

Top 10 posts for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) / Business Resource Groups (BRG)

April 29, 2013


Here are my Top 10 posts for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) / Business Resource Groups (BRG): 1.  Why do companies need business-focused ERGs? The answer is as simple as this: Because it makes good business sense! 2.  Build ERGs as an innovative business resource! The increasing diversity of employees at the workplace led to employees […]

Top 10 Innovation posts

February 21, 2013


Here are my Top 10 posts on innovation: 1.  What does it take to keep innovating? (part 1 of 3) Can strategic innovation rely on creative chaos? – To make a long story short, the answer is: No!  Read what it takes to consistently innovate and give you a very cool example too. 2.  How to become the […]

How intrapreneurs find executive sponsors

January 18, 2013


Finding a sponsor can be frustrating! Have you ever had a great idea and went to your manager for support but found they were just not interested in it?  Nothing came out of it in the end, and you were disappointed?  Perhaps, you just turned to the wrong sponsor for your project, a common mistake […]

Job description for an Executive Sponsor

February 1, 2012


Job description for an Executive Sponsor Executive sponsorship is an important prerequisite for the success of employee groups.  The challenge is finding a great sponsor, so what should you look for?  What would a job description for an executive sponsor look like?  ‑ Here are some practical ideas that have worked. Why executive sponsorship is critical […]

Build ERGs as an innovative business resource!

October 13, 2010


The proposed business model for ERGs forms a foundation for continued innovation, strategic alignment and measurable results. It turns an ERG into a true and sustainable business resource for its members as well as the hosting organization.

Driving the ROI – where to start your projects metrics?

June 11, 2010


The most compelling metrics focuses on the business impact of an ERG rather than on 'measuring the ERG'. Here are the rationale and a generic approach to deriving meaningful and business-relevant metrics for ERG projects.

How to attract an executive sponsor?

May 29, 2010


Effective executive sponsorship is a key success factor for ERGs. This posting discusses the benefits of executive sponsorship and how to attract and recruit an executive sponsor.

How to start building a business-focused ERG?

May 27, 2010


Identifies the key objectives for any business-focused ERG and practical advice how to get started by developing a business case for founding an ERG.

Why do companies need business-focused ERGs?

May 26, 2010


Changing the organization from within by engaging employees in business-focused employee resource groups (ERGs) - the practical "how-to" guide!


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