Can a Business Savvy Executive become a Social Intrapreneur ?

Social Intrapreneuring is on the rise – are you in?

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The answer is a big YES!  We are seeing a huge trend where people in organisations are being internally stirred to do meaningful work that has an impact on society and the ecology.  Slogging for the benefit of creating more wealth for shareholders is no longer an appealing option for many.  In the last decade, there has been a flurry of employees leaving the comfort of their corporate nests to work on social or environmental projects and many have set up social enterprises from scratch.  But there has been another breed of employees showing up in companies who are challenging the status quo and catalysing change from within and launching entrepreneurial initiatives with social/environmental objectives.  I call these the pioneering ones.

They have surely been leading the way and have shown a lot of grit in getting people on board and making their social or eco ideas a reality in…

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