Intrapreneurship Consulting & Workshops

Specialized Expertise

Stephan Klaschka turns problems into profits.  He guides you in developing, integrating and applying intrapreneuring in large organizations in practical ways and hands-on for exponential business results and growth.  Tailored to your company culture and business needs, together with his clients, Stephan Klaschka applies skillfully:

  • Overcoming Innovation Obstacles in Large Organizations
  • Strategic Intrapreneuring, Implementation Guidance
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship
  • Identify and mobilize the hidden talent in your own organization
  • Merit-based Success Metrics – ROI, behavior change (cultural shift) and beyond
  • Open Innovation, Convergence, Co-Creation, Collective Intelligence
  • Gamification, Social Media, Employee Engagement
  • Networks, Alliances and Partnerships B2A, B2B, B2C
  • Leverage Diversity & Inclusion (beyond traditional HR approaches)
  • Innovation Project Management, Program Management

Consulting and Workshops Offer

Organizations differ from its employees, its values and organizational culture to the business strategy and objectives.  With no one organization being the same as any another, I do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.  Instead, all my services are customized to meet your specific business needs and goals in alignment with your organizational culture.  This tried and valued approach earned my clients exponential business returns again and again.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs to design an individual solution for your organization -or- choose from one of the most commonly requested services:

The Best Rated Workshop on Pharma PPM Toolbox, Basel 2015!

The Best Rated Workshop on Pharma PPM Toolbox, Basel 2015Stephan’s sessions were highlights of our 2015 Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox, Basel. His top-rated workshop and presentation focused on changing employee mindset were among the best! He was not only insightful but also very entertaining.” – Conference Producer, 2015

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