“School for Intrapreneurs”

“School for Intrapreneurs” – Incubator Program

Format:  6 to 12 weeks incubator, 5 to 10 hours per week, up to 30 participants at your location or virtual delivery worldwide

This award-winning and highly successful, hands-on program prepares and guides aspiring intrapreneurs to innovate within their organization.
In guided group work, the participants develop their innovative ideas to launch-ready projects.
Besides consistently producing well-developed proposals and exponential business results, this program consistently achieves to:

  • Zero-barrier entry levels playing field
  • A safe environment to experiment
  • Favors disruptive growth-focused ideas
  • Intrapreneur practical experience instead of classroom learning
  • Participants advance based on merits only
  • Hidden talent self-identifies bottom-up
  • Expert vetting to improve proposals
  • Participants pitches to executives validate strategic alignment
  • Alumni network become experienced change agents
  • Share experiences, network and discuss with peers
  • Built-in mentoring cycles fosters engagement
  • Learn from real-world case studies
  • Apply powerful tools hands-on in practical exercises

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