International Innovation Study confirms Intrapreneuring increases Employees’ Innovative Mindset

German researchers Philipp Gellert and Martin Müller of the Business Innovation and Change Management Dept. of the University of Applied Science in Munich, Germany (Hochschule München) published their international business consulting study “Konzept für Führungskräfte zur Implementierung einer Innovationsstrategie” (in German language) in Summer 2014.

The otherwise mostly self-explanatory graphics on page 57, for example, shows the increase of innovation mindset on the vertical axis and budget impact horizontally.  The study confirms the powerful impact of the (explicitly mentioned) intrapreneuring approaches covered in my blog such as:


Aligning ERGs with Business – Creating and Leveraging Professional Development Opportunities through ERGs

This presentation showcases a real‐life example from my NxGen ERG:  A young employee, Kirsten Mease, identified a business need and leveraged NxGen to build a business case and connect with sponsors and key contributors to launch a project that has the potential to drive multi-million-dollar revenue per day(!)  for the company.  Kirsten became project manager under executive sponsorship and received awards for this successful project, which mushroomed into a solid innovation platform and an international collaboration project.
The (intended) learning is that a well-designed ERG becomes an innovation engine for the organization and provides a framework for hands‐on leadership development that opens personal development and possible career opportunities for its active members.  It also demonstrates the value and impact that a business‐focused ERG contributing significantly to the business’s bottom-line.
– This is a true success story that inspires and encourages anyone working in or with ERGs!

Prepared by Stephan Klaschka (NxGen founder and chair) and Kirsten Mease (NxGen co-chair).
Presented by Stephan Klaschka at the 2011  Diversity Best Practices’ Network & Affinity Congress in New York City on June 9, 2011.
The case study was also presented by Stephan Klaschka and Kirsten Mease at the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) 5th ERG Summit in Plainville, CT on June 23, 2011.


Reflecting the New Demographic: Diversity at Work with the NxGen ERG

Case study by Jennifer Brown Consulting on Boehringer Ingelheim’s newest and business-focused employee resource group (ERG), NxGen (=Next generation at the Workplace).

Published in the 2010  Diversity Best Practices’ Network & Affinity Leadership Handbook, “the essential guide for companies creating and managing employee resource groups (ERGs). This book delves into the history and purpose of ERGs and provides best practices in structuring, operating and measuring the effectiveness of these groups.  The guide provides 11 insightful case studies and a robust collection of corporate network and affinity group profiles from leading companies […]. This is one hard-hitting business resource you absolutely cannot afford to miss and will want in the hands of each of your affinity group leaders! ” (


New Leaders/ New Groups Track: Structure a Business Plan that Measures your ERG’s Effectiveness

This presentation takes the lead on how to best position ERGs to drive business objectives including strategies, plans, and examples in the strategy-building process to construct this new ERG’s business case.

Prepared and presented by Stephan Klaschka (NxGen founder and chair) at the 2010  Diversity Best Practices’ Network & Affinity Congress in New York City on May 11, 2010.



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