STAR WARS fan vote for “Star Wars: The Apprentice”!

Click here to vote for “Star Wars: The Apprentice” at Disney’s Fan Film Awards!

So, this is a very different post from my usual and a, if you like STAR WARS movies, a shout-out for your help!


With three more movies currently in production, we helped to produce the “Star Wars: The Apprentice” by the talented Todd I. Sandler as a homage to the epic galactic story and a 2-minute teaser for the upcoming Star Wars Fan Film, The Apprentice.

The film is among the final 25 contenders for Disney’s Star Wars Fan Film Awards in the Audience Choice Award category.  Please vote for Star Wars: The Apprentice by Todd I. Sandler at least once – or daily until March 27th for maximum impact!
If you don’t have a Disney account yet, you will be ask to create on prior to voting, it only takes a minute.Thank you for your support and may The Force be with you!

Enjoy the film on Vimeo

Here it is, enjoy the teaser on a large-screen (HD preferred) and turn up the volume to get the best audience experience for this incredible 2-minute film!

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