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2017 Corporate Intrapreneurship Workshop ratings:

    • 100% – I can apply learnings to my work
    • 100% – Better Understanding of Intrapreneuring
    • 100% – Better understand how Intrapreneuring works

2016 “Intrapreneurial Spirit” Workshop ratings:

    • 100% – Understanding of Intrapreneuring better
    • 100% – Better understand how Intrapreneuring works
    • 100% – Practical exercises were helpful 
    • 100% – Workshop helpful for my work
    • 100% – Recommend workshop to others

“I liked the practical exercises and opportunity to cross-collaborate with fellow accelerator teams”

Truly learning what an intrapreneur is.  Freedom to be creative, presentation and leadership skills”

“A crash course in developing a business idea from start to finish

Accurate feedback from pharma company experience esp. the relationship with manager” 

“You sharing your own successful experience is very inspiring”

“I liked the practical experiences and given examples that illustrate the theoretical approaches”

“The templates/handouts are clear and applicable

“I liked the Pharma examples and originality of the School for Intrapreneurs‘”

“I have discovered this notion of “intrapreneuring” and this applies to my work.”

Event organizers said:skc-event-organizers

    • “It was really great to attend this workshop last week and talk about intrapreneurship spirit. It gave me the motivation to think out of the box and focus on how to change the mindset of people reluctant to new ideas/projects!”Manager at Guerbet Group, 2016
    • The Best Rated Workshop on Pharma PPM Toolbox, Basel 2015!
      The Best Rated Workshop on Pharma PPM Toolbox, Basel 2015Stephan’s sessions were highlights of our 2015 Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox, Basel. His top-rated workshop and presentation focused on changing employee mindset were among the best! He was not only insightful but also very entertaining.”Conference Producer, 2015
    • “I enjoyed working with you and also your presentation was very well executed so for sure I will keep you in contact for future [..] Conferences.” – Conference Producer, 2015
    • “We have received some quality feedback from the delegates, and overall, the event received one of the most positive responses of which I have ever had the pleasure of being associated. The feedback relating to your session was great and you rated well along the dimensions of content and presentation style for all speakers involved in this event.
      Your average out of 5 for your session was 4.93.  Your strong tone, great stage presence, and interaction with the audience made your presentation one to remember.  The event was well-received, rating above average with the delegates who completed the evaluation forms.  We are very pleased with this outcome.”
       – Conference Producer, 2014

“School for Intrapreneurs” 

Eyeforpharma Award juror, Paolo Moreira (VP Global Clinical Operations – External Innovation at EMD Serono) said:

    • This is a great idea! Many companies have made similar attempts, but this one just seems to get it right. They are providing the resources and tools to really foster innovation based on the principle that the most innovative ideas come from the people who are actually doing the work. By providing resources (education/mindset, skill-building, time and financial), the tools are in place to generate innovation.”

Executive Sponsors said:

    • “I’m energized by the less traditional ideas that can make an impact and several of the narratives made me think further.” 
    • “I liked the discussions triggered by each of the ideas.”
    • “The format is very good. Thanks for setting it up.”
    • “I liked the fresh and innovative mindset of the participants.”

Participants (Intrapreneurs) said:

    • “The best thing about the School for Intrapreneurs is that I get to work with a team of motivated and talented people on a project, for no other reason than we believe it will create value for <company name redacted>. The program connects us with other teams facing similar obstacles and together we can find ways to turn an idea into reality.”
    • “The School for Intrapreneurs is an excellent place to gather your thoughts and organize yourself properly to propel your innovative idea from idea to product. Not only we get to learn the different strategies and approaches to counter adversity when trying to push innovation forward, but you also get the chance to share and collaborate with other innovative colleagues and allow your idea to grow from different perspectives. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their horizons and promote an intrapreneurial spirit.”
    • “With innovation being one of the main requirements for <company name redacted>’s future success, the School for Intrapreneurs is a key initiative that helps ensure that one of the basic elements for innovation, intrapreneurship, is fostered, developed and thus embedded in our company’s DNA.”
    • “Being accepted in the School for Intrapreneurs has motivated me as I feel recognized as a person with a potential to positively contribute to our company’s future, has inspired me through the interaction with other intrapreneurs and the exposure to innovative ideas and has shown me new ways and points of view that help me to support not only my own initiatives but also the initiatives of others.”
    • “Since I started the program, I think more about the viability of my own ideas before starting to do actual work on them, I share my ideas more with others and I think more about how I can support other people advancing their initiatives.”
    • “My key learnings are that any good idea can be turned into reality as long as you share it with others and as long as you have an iron will to keep moving your idea forward in spite of opposing forces.”
    • “<company name redacted>’s School for Intrapreneurs helped me approach the idea in a more structured way.  It helped to get visibility and identify the stakeholders whom I can contact to push my idea forward.”
    • “The key learning is not to give up […] but look to break the barrier by using different ways.”
    • The process instills a different mindset – makes you think that there are options available to bring one’s idea forward. [It] gave me the awareness that if my line management is not on board, I can reach out to other stakeholders in the organization.”
    • “Not sure if I am doing anything differently, but I am evaluating various options before making a decision.  Don’t let one or two negative comments dissuade you from pursuing your goal.  [I recommend] to people who are really driven.”
    • “I joined <company name redacted> 18 months ago after most of my career done in consumer goods industry. PATHWAY gave me opportunities to build a team with colleagues, never met before, volunteer to bring something new to <company name redacted> in another context than their daily work.  Despite we were from different departments, different culture, and different skills, we built a solid business case together using our common passion for innovation and the methods and tools proposed […].
    • <division name redacted> already shows interest to our <project name redacted> one-stop portal for animal owners and I hope this will lead to a valuable project soon.
    • That is the reason why I warmly recommend this program to who believes in his idea and never dare or didn’t know how to bring it to life.”

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