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German Innovation Insider: Holding the Brakes on Digital Innovation

February 17, 2016


German innovation gets trapped in the very mentality focusing on building quality products ‘Made in Germany’ that the country got well known for. Holding on to vertical product improvement, however, obstructs crossing industry barriers, convergence, developing game-changing business models, and coming up with breakthrough innovations with potential for exponential growth and returns.

Join me at eyeforpharma’s Value Beyond the Pill Summit, Philadelphia, December 3, 2014

November 19, 2014


Join me for eyeforpharma’s Value Beyond the Pill Summit 2014 and come to my talk on “Build an intrapreneurial ecosystem to ensure your innovative services deliver the value required by patients” at 2:10PM on December 3, 2014. Why attend other than hearing me speak?  🙂 The topics are around delivering patient value and reimburse your […]

Diamonds in the Rough: Identifying Talent

September 5, 2014


It is not without irony when a leadership team complains about their talent.  As the saying goes, “Leaders deserve the talent they hired.” Looking into the Abyss – Not kidding! Let me give you an idea how bad it can get. Here is a real-life scenario I was asked at address as a consultant not long […]

Innovation drives Diversity&Inclusion 2.0

August 14, 2014


The traditional world of corporate Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is being disrupted by a new take on D&I and combining it with innovation and talent management.  What some perceive as a threat to the D&I establishment may just be the next step of evolution that could invigorate and drive D&I to new heights. Though not an entirely novel approach (see […]

Top 10 posts for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) / Business Resource Groups (BRG)

April 29, 2013


Here are my Top 10 posts for Employee Resource Groups (ERG) / Business Resource Groups (BRG): 1.  Why do companies need business-focused ERGs? The answer is as simple as this: Because it makes good business sense! 2.  Build ERGs as an innovative business resource! The increasing diversity of employees at the workplace led to employees […]

Next-generation ERG learn from U.S. Army recruitment!

April 12, 2011


What do Generation Y (GenY) oriented Employee Resource Groups (ERG) share with the military?  – More than you expect!  A constant supply of active members is the life-blood for any ERG to put plans to action and prevent established activists from burning out.  The U.S. Army faces a similar challenge every year: how to attract […]

Starting an ERG as a strategic innovation engine! (part 3 of 3)

March 1, 2011


While many companies demand creativity and innovation from their staff few companies seem to know how to make it work. – Is your organization among those hiring new staff all the time to innovate? The hire-to-innovate practice alone is not a sustainable strategy and backfires easily. An alternative and sustainable way to tap deep into […]